The company was founded 1889 in Aachen by August Schwan for the production of leather driving belts. In the year 1925 M.E. Grefkes took over the company and expanded it to one of the most important leather belt manufacturer in Germany, with an export capacity of more than 40 countries. The basic material was also used for the production of accessories for the textile industry, mainly for weaving and spinning machines.

After the war M. E. Grefkes rebuilt this company in Süchteln/Viersen in the year 1945. Three divisions were formed:

  • Machine accessories
  • Transmission Beltings
  • Personal Protection Equipment

Until the beginning of the 70ies all items were produced in a building with a space capacity over 4.000 square meters.

New materials instead of leather lead to cooperation with specialists in the accessories and driving belts. The high cost pressure in the work intensive glove production lead to the establishment of Schwan Far East and the movement of the production to Hong Kong and later on to the direct import of protective gloves of all kinds.

In the year 1990 two new business divisions were established. Schwan Golf provides any kind of golf products for the golf sport in Europe.

The second division called TA deals with the supplying of steel plates and pads. As a long experienced company in the laminating industry Schwan Company can meet besides the standard range of products special and individual requirements, too.

Sicherheit durch Qualität seit 1889